Everyone Has a Story Inside Them

Have you ever thought of turning yours into a book or movie script?

Trusting Someone to Tell Your Story

Which professional service will make your story come to life?

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The Infinite Writer: A Content Creation Agency

Mission Statement
The Infinite Writer Agency strives to create genuine business relationships by providing exceptional customer service and writing stories to move, inspire, and captivate your audience.
Unique Offering (What makes us different?)
Our agency focuses on telling long form stories within a script or book, and executing those stories in an effective way that moves, inspires, and captivates readers. Our editors are accomplished writers that not only look for typos in your work, but genuinely understand how to write a story, and therefore offer a level of expertise that often isn’t found in editors. Our ghostwriters are published writers who know how to capture your “voice” so that it’s your personality that shines on each page, and not their own. And our award-winning screenwriters know how to visually write a story so that it is “produce-able” material that translates well to film or video. Each person on our team works together for your success.
Why Work With Us?
  • Professional and competitive pricing.
  • Efficient turnaround times.
  • Meets deadlines 100% of the time.*
  • Collaborative and open communication.
  • Consistently provides professional and quality written material.
  • Leads and guides you along each part of the process – you’re never alone.

*Contingent on client providing required materials to us.