TV Script Writing

So many thoughts run through your head when daydreaming about a TV series. Characters. Storylines. The actors who would play the roles. But before you cast Viola Davis or Meryl Streep in your next medical drama, focus on the development of the TV pilot and the pitch deck.

How it Works

With The Infinite Writer Agency, we work alongside you to bring that story idea from your head and onto the page through a collaborative process with your script writer writing and organizing content and you providing feedback and contributing to the creative direction. The script writer does the heavy lifting while you are still part of the process through reviewing content along each step, providing written, as well as verbal feedback during our fun verbal feedback sessions.

The goal of hiring the script writer is to write your TV pilot and your pitch deck—both items that you will need when pitching your project to producers. As with all writing services, you will have a team working with you to help bring your project to fruition.

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