Screenplay Writing

It’s fun to fantasize about your movie making it to the silver screen… or the more likely home… on the small screen on one of the streamers. But before you pop that popcorn for movie night, you may want to focus on what needs to get completed—a solid feature-length screenplay and a pitch deck. The latter is an added bonus with today’s competition.

With The Infinite Writer Agency, we will work alongside you to bring that story idea from your head and onto the page through a collaborative process with your screenwriter writing and organizing content and you providing feedback and contributing to creative direction. The screenwriter does the heavy lifting while you are still part of the process through reviewing content along each step, providing written, as well as verbal feedback during our fun verbal feedback sessions.

The goal of hiring the screenwriter is to write your movie script and your pitch deck—both items that you will need when pitching your project to producers.
As with all writing services, you will have a team working with you to help bring your project to fruition.

How it Works:

  • You work with your screenwriter to adapt your idea (or book) into the foundation of a potential screenplay.

  • The process includes research, writing character biographies, plot outline, rough draft of script, a rewrite, receiving quality feedback, two more rewrites, and a pitch deck—with your screenwriter doing the heavy-lifting!
  • The screenwriter writes a well-executed script. And YOU review, provide feedback, and collaborate with the writer.

Additional Services

  • Screenplay Review with Notes
  • Screenplay Rewrite
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