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The Infinite Writer Agency, LLC is a content creation agency that provides written content for publishers, producers, and successful entrepreneurs and sales people who are looking for help with writing their non-fiction/self-help books. We bring over 20 years of professional writing experience to this nearly six-year-old company.

Whether you are writing a script, a book, a blog, or any marketing content, it’s all about the story, and “story” is our specialty. And remember, story is what sells a person, a company, a brand, and an organization.

Head Writer and Founder Nitara Osbourne has written, produced, and directed her own feature-length movie (Running on Empty Dreams) that ran its course on Netflix, and can now be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & It won awards, and led to her getting hired to edit what has become the bestselling book You Are Enough: 5 Steps to Move from Struggle to Strength by Megan R. Fenyoe in August of 2018. Nitara thought she would always make a living by writing scripts. However, as opportunities arose and she’s been hired to tell other people’s stories, she became cognizant that screenwriting was just one medium in which to tell a story.

Nitara realized that with her own success of telling her life story in film, then creating her own successful blog with nearly 35, 000 subscribers strong, and now through writing her own book, that she should extend this as a service to help others to tell their story in the medium that fits them best.

Since our first client over five years ago, we have had the privilege of writing scripts, books, blogs, web content, and many featured articles for clients. The greatest joy is knowing that what we write for our clients will allow their story to live on forever.

Meet The Team

Nitara Osbourne

Nitara Osbourne

Founder, Writer, and Mentor

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Nitara Osbourne is an award-winning and produced screenwriter, editor of two Amazon bestselling personal/professional development books, and contributing author of the Amazon bestselling self-help anthology book, From Us For You, which recently won 3rd place in The Incipere Awards (2023).

Her feature film, Running on Empty Dreams, ran its course on Netflix, and can now be purchased on Amazon and seen on Tubi. She wrote, produced, and directed the film, which had gone on to win three prestigious Telly Awards.

Nitara has written nearly 40 screenplays, original pilots, and shorts. Many of her TV pilots have placed in competitions, including advancing to the second round in the Stage 32/HBO Black Boy Writes Black Girl Writes mentorship initiative in both 2022 and 2023, advancing to the second round in the Sundance Episodic Program (2021), quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Fellowship (2022), a semifinalist in the Creative Screenwriting TV Pilot Competition (2022), and she received a high scorecard in Final Draft’s Big Break Competition (2022).

Within a year of Nitara becoming founder of The Infinite Writer Agency, three of their clients’ books became Amazon bestsellers, including You are Enough: 5 Steps to Move from Struggle to Strength (2018), The Office Game (2019), and The Benefit of the Ex (2020), which Nitara project managed and passed the editing baton to one of The Agency’s distinguished editors, Duane Lee.

Nitara holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Loyola University and a master’s degree in Education from American InterContinental University. Prior to running The Infinite Writer Agency, she served as an adjunct college professor, teaching Screenwriting at Arizona State University and Scottsdale Community College, and teaching English and Effective Speaking at The Art Institute of Phoenix, where she won the Faculty Member of the Quarter Award in 2014. Independently, she just recently launched her TV writing course created for busy professionals.

Duane Lee

Duane Lee

Ghostwriter / Editor

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Duane Lee is a novelist, poet, editor, and ghostwriter of personal and professional development books. He’s edited the Amazon bestseller, The Benefit of the Ex: Making Love Visible When Everything Changes (2020) by June Dillinger in only his second year as editor/ghostwriter with The Infinite Writer Agency. And prior to that achievement, he has edited stories for the National University of California literary journal, GNU.

Duane has written the novel, Life After Being Lost, a short story collection, The Little Moments in Unexpected Places (out in 2023), and two poetry collections, Talking to Myself While Eavesdropping on Me, and, I, Too, Once Dreamed the World, and the short story, Torture the Dark Horse.

In 2011 he was given the opportunity to take leadership of the Springfield Writer’s Group, a group that had been around since the early eighties. Unfortunately, due to the rise of the pandemic, the group disbanded. In 2013, Duane was approached with another golden opportunity to teach English to non-native speakers at the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia (now English Empowerment Center), which has helped him to better understand other cultures and how to communicate with them.

As a matter of fact, Duane has over two decades of writing experience, much of it inspired by his multicultural upbringing. Having been born in Costa Rica, raised in the United States (Virginia), Egypt, and having spent his teenage years in both Spain and Mexico, Duane always approaches his work with an open and creative mind.

Duane holds a B.A. in English from American Public University, and an MFA in creative writing from National University of California. He’s been an editor and ghostwriter with The Infinite Writer Agency for four years and has been an invaluable asset to the team.

Ashley Hamershock

Ashley Hamershock


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Ashley Hamershock is an editor who makes every word count.

With more than 30 years’ experience writing and editing for magazines, newspapers, books, blogs, wire services and more, she polishes every sentence to a shimmer. Each word should advance the story.

Ashley began her career as a business and local government reporter for a newspaper chain, earning little more than minimum wage, eating 32-cent instant ramen noodles, and paying back college loans.

She won multiple awards for her reporting and writing and was promptly hired by The Associated Press. She served as a newswoman for about five years before being promoted to Minnesota Capitol correspondent, where she supervised the team covering the colorful Gov. Jesse Ventura’s term in office, presidential visits, elections, and the legislature. During that time, she also served as president of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Minnesota chapter. The organization won the national “Large Chapter of the Year” award during her tenure.

In 2005, Ashley opened her own freelance writing and editing shop. Clients have included The AP, The Infinite Writer, Bloomberg News, City Mom Collective, Honolulu Magazine, Colorado Springs Lifestyle, Colorado Fun Guide, the National Medical Association, and others.

Ashley has flown with the United States Air Force Academy’s parachute team, simply to watch them jump. She has interviewed presidents, CEOs, and celebrities, as well as ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

She is quick, accurate, and professional.

Ashley, who has bachelor’s degrees in English and journalism from the University of Iowa, has served on numerous media panels and regularly hosts workshops to help writers perfect their craft.

In her free time, Ashley explores the world with her husband and two adventurous sons. She has visited most states, 25 national parks, and about 35 countries.

Ryan Kelley

Ryan Kelley

Editor / Script Reader

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Ryan Kelley has worked as a writer and editor for over 15 years, with a diverse portfolio of print and online media that includes magazines, online articles, children’s books, nonfiction, eBooks, custom publications, and college textbooks. He has extensive experience as a medical editor and is the former managing editor of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, a monthly magazine for paramedics and EMTs. Ryan also has experience in the food and drink space; he wrote a weekly column about tequila for the now-defunct, was co-editor ofTequila Aficionado Magazine, and wrote tasting notes, developed cocktail recipes, and created marketing collateral for several well-known tequila brands. He’s also an adept fact checker, having hunted down historical facts and anecdotes on U.S. Presidents and the (mostly true)stories of how several weird and wacky places across the U.S. got their names (from Pie Hole, New Mexico to Yum Yum, Tennessee) for children’s book publisher Kane Miller. No matter the subject matter, Ryan is passionate about taking complex topics and breaking them down in a way that engages and educates, but also entertains. “I am most in my element working with subject matter experts, academics, and other smart people who ‘can’t write’ but are itching to communicate and tell their story.” In addition to writing and editing, Ryan also has a keen visual eye, and is also experienced at publication layout and graphic design.

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