It’s taken you months… or even YEARS, but you finally completed your book! Congratulations! Completing your book is cause for celebration. However, before publishing, it’s imperative to get your manuscript professionally edited first. Even if you went through spellcheck or re-read your work multiple times over several weeks and feel it’s as good as it can be, editing is still necessary

When it comes to your book, we want it to shine and stand out from the others. We provide you a polished self-help manuscript by smoothing the rough transitions between your story and your teaching points, removing clunky wording, and making the manuscript feel cohesive. Our editing services will leave your book ready to be published.

We are thorough and meticulous with your manuscript. We research content where necessary, check for the balance between story and teaching points, look for inconsistencies, gaps in ideas, redundancies, ensure consistencies with voice and tone, confirm the rights to cite sources, and we even correct the typos as expected.

Our editors are accomplished writers turned editors. This means you get the added bonus of having an experienced set of new eyes on your manuscript that can thoroughly clean up and provide a comprehensive, copy, and line edit from two perspectives.

How it Works:

  • With The Infinite Writer Agency, we complete an initial consultation with you, we review your manuscript with a signed non-disclosure agreement at your discretion and determine if we’re a good fit for your project—all for FREE!
  • If we are a good fit and you’re ready to move forward, be prepared to have your manuscript undergo: (1) a developmental/conceptual edit, (2) a line edit, (3) a copy edit, and finally, (4) your basic proofreading.
  • Our editing services are like no other. We polish your book to perfection, including structure, flow, voice, tone, and the story itself – in addition to traditional proofreading.
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