Ghostwriting is a great way to get your book completed quickly. Our team has perfected adapting our writing to your tone and voice and has streamlined this process to make it efficient and enjoyable.
Writing that book that you’ve been wanting to create for the longest time can seem like just one more thing to do in an already busy schedule.

We get it. You’re running a business. Working with your clients. Managing employees. And ensuring that you’re finding that perfect balance with your personal and professional life.

Yet, your gut instinct is nudging you to share your book with the world. And successful entrepreneurs always listen to their instincts.

Many people have a story within them, but just aren’t sure how to place what’s in their heart and what’s in their mind down on paper… or in a Microsoft Word document.

The Infinite Writer Agency makes this transition simple and uses a process that is less work for you, while still giving you the end result that you’re looking for.

How it works:

  • You hire a ghostwriter to write your manuscript on your behalf using your words and your voice.
  • This remains a collaborative effort to ensure you’re getting the project you want at the end of the process—while the ghostwriter does the heavy lifting (the writing) throughout the process!
  • The process includes research, interviews, an outline, a “mini test drive” draft, a rough draft, rewrites, and edited drafts.
  • Under contract, the ghostwriter will remain anonymous.
  • Following ghostwriting services provided, editing services are offered at a discounted rate (performed by a different individual), but clients are free to pick any editor of their choosing from outside The Infinite Writer Agency.

Frequently asked questions

Will my completed book need to be edited?

Yes! Whether you write your manuscript yourself or hire a professional ghostwriter, your manuscript needs to be professionally edited prior to publishing.

How do you determine how long my project will take?

Estimated project lengths take into account the need for collaboration and clients working a full-time schedule with their careers. Clients can feel secure that they will be guided to complete their project in a timely manner with a well-executed manuscript in the end.

How do I get my project scheduled?

With a deposit and a signed contract, a project can be scheduled immediately up to 4 months in advance.

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