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Ghost WritingWriting that book that you’ve been wanting to create for the longest can seem like just one more thing to do in an already busy schedule.

We get it. You’re running a business. Working with your clients. Managing employees. And ensuring that you’re finding that perfect balance with your personal and professional life.

Yet, your gut instinct is nudging you to share your book with the world. And successful entrepreneurs always listen to their instincts.

Many people have a story within them, but just aren’t sure how to place what’s in their heart and what’s in their mind down on paper… or in a Microsoft Word document.

The Infinite Writer Agency makes this transition simple and uses a process that is less work for you, while still giving you the end result that you’re looking for.

Script WritingA script is magical! It's the only material that you can use to transform written content on a page into a live marketing video or into an entire live action narrative movie that can be captured forever. See, Magic!

  • Need a script for that marketing video, commercial, or instructional video?
  • Need your unpublished manuscript, your published book, or your treatment adapted into a screenplay?
  • Would you like to flesh out your original idea into an original screenplay?

The Infinite Writer Agency is the professional vehicle to take you where you want to go.

The Infinite Writer

Professional editing made AFFORDABLE. SIMPLE. HIGH QUALITY.

Most editing services want to charge you by the page or by the word. At the Infinite Writer Agency, we offer flat rate fees for your convenience and to simplify managing a budget.

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